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May 1, 2019

     Blue Collar Transportation Inc. and Blue Collar Express Inc. are making remarkable gains in company-building. INC. Magazine agrees, twice placing us in the top-growth companies in the U.S., and we’re proud of that accomplishment.

     Of course none of it would be possible without insight, planning, and thoughtful implementation. Our 2025 vision (the next 5 years) includes expanding our fleet to over 150 trucks and more than 300 trailers. Ambitious?—we don’t think so—because we’re in such a good position now!

 As it Stands

     We have a fully-fledged Trucking Terminal in El Paso, TX with a drop yard in Phoenix, AZ. Meanwhile, we have plans for drop yards in both Houston and Laredo, TX and we’re now in the planning stages for a brand new one in the southeast (we’re looking at you, Mississippi!). With our corporate office in central Illinois, we have great insights about trucking and transportation nationwide.

     We fully expect to increase our business volume to between 60 and 80 million by 2025. In addition, we are preparing to offer significantly enhanced services on TL, LTL, Intermodal, International, and all the other variations. We’re in this business for the long haul.

Where We’re Going

     We will expand our trucking footprint into the southeast, augmenting our available destinations while providing our customers with additional coverage. But we are not rushing headlong into this.

     Blue Collar has always been about thoughtful, organic growth. Our brokerage division has no investors, is 100% debt free, and we’re going to keep it that way. We value a conservative approach, taking our time, and building relationships the right way.

Quality vs. Quantity

     Building sustainable, powerful relationships doesn’t happen overnight so we are making sure that we do it right. Alliances forged in the heat of the moment may be useful, but they’re often not durable. If a relationship isn’t balanced—where everyone benefits equally—it is going to be stressful and may even fail.

The Next Five Years

     In the coming years, we are intent on putting a greater effort into growing our Agent Program in our brokerage division, as well as the O/O component of our trucking division. This will allow us to grow at a much faster pace than we did through the last decade.

     The most important task to achieve sustainable growth is to get the foundation of the company in place before we start to grow at that accelerated pace. While that is all set to take off in 2020/2021, we’ve already done some of the most important preliminary work by launching McLeod’s TMS (Transportation Management System) software in 2018 to make sure everything will run smoothly, integrate seamlessly, and be ready for growth.

The Takeaway

     This is actually the ideal time for you to connect with us and become part of our integrated growth. We seek to partner with like-minded individuals in the industry, and with those customers, carriers, and drivers who value mutually beneficial relationships and services.

     If you are interested in partnering with Blue Collar, this is your chance to hitch-up to a transportation company that is going places! The entire supply chain is changing to incorporate process automation for 3PLs, shippers, drivers, and customers. This is no time to be left standing at the side of the road…

     Call us today and let Blue Collar show you what the future holds!

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