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The Blue Collar Team

Let Us Help You Cover Your Trucks

At Blue Collar, we rely on our network of dependable carriers to help meet the transportation needs of our customers. We work with carriers of all sizes throughout North America.

You can depend on us to find available freight while we depend on you to be on time and provide a great service. We leverage customer freight, our trucking and brokerage divisions and amazing relationships to help our carriers grow their business. We own a trucking company so we know all the struggles that you face. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

When you join our network of carriers, your business will benefit from:

  • Payment in 30 days or less after receipt of BOL/invoice
  • Customized payment terms
  • Industry leading technology which includes an online carrier portal

Shipping Made Easy!

We have a fleet of company drivers so we know firsthand what drivers are looking for. We have year around freight and minimize the communication between us and the driver using technology so drivers can actually drive and not have to worry about communicating unless there are issues. Our moto is “no news is good news”.

Payments for Carriers

Blue Collar offers many different payment options for our carriers, including ACH Payments, Quick Pay and Direct Payment. All information regarding billing can be found below. We also offer customized payment options. Please contact your carrier representative if you have a custom payment request.

Billing Information

Standard Mail or Email

  • Upon delivery, please send all proper paperwork to one of the following:
  • Mail: 1013 S 19th St. Mattoon, IL 61938
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Standard payment terms are 30 days from receipt of proper paperwork
  • All payments will be made via ACH Quick Pay

Quick Pay

  • Total Payment for the load will be paid within 24 hours after receipt of paperwork AND confirmation from receiver that the product has been received and there are no damages or shorts.
  • Quick Pay fees are 3.5% or a $35 minimum
  • Issued via Tchek and not comchek

Fuel Advance

  • Fuel Advances are only available to carriers after completing their third load
  • 40% of the total payment and there is a 3.5% fee and/or a $35 minimum.
  • Copy of the BOL required and confirmation from the shipper that the truck is loaded
  • Issued via tchek NOT comcheck
Join Our network of trusted carriers Join Our network of trusted carriers

Q: What are our pay terms?

We currently are net 30

Q: Do we offer quick pay?

Yes, we do offer quick pay and it is a 3.5% fee. We do require all paperwork and we will need to confirm with the receiver that they received the product and there were no damages or shorts.

Q: Do we offer year around freight?

Absolutely! Please call the office and speak to one of our specialists who will gladly answer your questions to lanes, rates, volume, etc.

Q: Do we require driver communication?

Absolutely! However, we do also require the use of Macropoint on all drivers so that we can minimize communication between us and the driver, allowing the driver to driver and not have to answer endless calls from dispatcher in the office.

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