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Blue Collar is one of the fastest growing logistics and trucking companies in the US! We leverage technology, customers, carriers and our trucking division to provide our customers with an experience like no other; providing them with cost savings while adding capacity!

Selected as Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies in 2014 and 2015, Blue Collar provides transportation services that include TL, LTL, refrigerated, flatbed, expedited and international shipments.

Blue Collar Transportation was founded in 2009 and over the last 10 years, we have spent a lot of time sitting down with our customers to come up with solutions that meet their specific needs. More than ever before, customers are looking to partner with a transportation provider who can do it all. By that, we mean lowering their shipping costs, providing additional capacity and most importantly, providing a full line of transportation solutions.

Give us an opportunity to quote your next shipment and earn your business. We are confident that you will find our quote competitive and you will be extremely satisfied with the service we provide. Simply click “get a quote” on the link below or call us at 877-384-5623!

Shipping with Blue Collar

Blue Collar’s success has much to do with hiring amazing employees to service our customers’ needs. These individuals assist our customers by providing the most cost effective shipping solutions without sacrificing service and/or integrity.

Our Capabilities & Services

Since Blue Collar’s beginnings, we have aimed to be at the forefront of the industry, offering more coverage, greater frequency, and increasingly innovative customer solutions through Truckload, LTL, International, Expedited, Refrigerated and Flatbed services.

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Vertical Industry Experience

Blue Collar business verticals offer solutions for customers in specialized market segments with similar transport requirements, industry accepted operating procedures and specific market needs that are a means of separation from a larger market segment.

  • Dedicated/single-source staffing
  • Logistics analysis, trend reporting and forecasting geared to customers’ business sectors
  • Cross-functional applications between similar industry segments


Our retail vertical involves the management and control of shipments from domestic and offshore vendors, consolidation facilities, distribution centers and store delivery shipments. Our solutions are end-to-end freight management applications that allow for unification between inbound and outbound strategies.

Food & Beverage

Our food and beverage vertical focuses on the dynamics and specific challenges with food and beverage manufacturers. Our solutions are designed to address issues such as product safety and brand integrity,

temperature requirements, product life cycles and altitude routings that are especially sensitive in the food and beverage industry.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Our manufacturing and distribution vertical focuses on a broad range of industrial and non-retail distribution accounts. These accounts have varying degrees of complexity, ranging from ad-hoc shipment requests to single source supply chain solutions. These projects put a great deal of emphasis on service relating to job site deliveries, assembly line environments and JIT operations.

Blue Collar Company Overview

Download the Blue Collar Company Overview (2.5 MB PDF) to learn more about how Blue Collar can help with your shipping needs.

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Q: Do we own our own assets?

Yes, we have our own trucking division that works in conjunction with our brokerage division. Both companies are independent of one another and allow us to provide our customers with unparalleled service.

Q: Do we have the ability to drop trailers?

Yes, we are happy to drop trailers at any of our customers depending on volume, rates, etc.

Q: How many trucks do we plan to have in our fleet by 2025?

Our goal will be to have a fleet of 150+ trucks in our fleet by 2025

Q: Can we provide cheaper rates than their current provider?

It all depends on what rates, lanes and volume. We will be happy to discuss with you and hopefully we can find a solution that works well for both companies.

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