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One of the most effective measures for reducing costs and exposing supply chain inefficiencies is the use of transportation management systems (TMS). TMS processes and technology is the foundation of supply chain success. Blue Collar’s platform is designed, modeled and implemented on long-term savings rather than immediate cost avoidance.

Blue Collar uses a combination of many different platforms and technology to create a unique and specific TMS system that offers a customized shipment platform that is delivered to customers, suppliers and carriers through a secure, Web-based application. Our System provides shipment validation, visibility and optimization and provides a tool for comprehensive data collection.

The optimization component allows for complete adaptation to each customer’s business rules, strategic and tactical output and load, mode, network and continuous moves on a domestic or global scale. Our application provides the resource tracking and business intelligence that our customers need and our personnel utilize to achieve superior results.


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Our customers have access to real time data on all loads (brokerage and trucking division) which provide them the exact location of their loads, current speed of the truck among many other useful pieces of information all at the click of a mouse.

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