Q: What is our niche market?

We move freight all over the country but 11 western is niche market.

Q: Do we have EDI capabilities?

Yes, please contact us for details

Q: What TMS provider do you use?

We use Mcleod Software, one of the leading TMS providers in the industry over the last 30 years. We are leveraging many different technology solutions that has allowed us to streamline operations, allowing us to cut costs and ultimately providing lower rates to our customers. We have the infrastructure in place for substantial growth for years to come in both our trucking and brokerage divisions.

Q: Can we provide cheaper rates than their current provider?

It all depends on what rates, lanes and volume. We will be happy to discuss with you and hopefully we can find a solution that works well for both companies.

Q: How many trucks do we plan to have in our fleet by 2025?

Our goal will be to have a fleet of 150+ trucks in our fleet by 2025

Q: Do we have the ability to drop trailers?

Yes, we are happy to drop trailers at any of our customers depending on volume, rates, etc.

Q: Do we own our own assets?

Yes, we have our own trucking division that works in conjunction with our brokerage division. Both companies are independent of one another and allow us to provide our customers with unparalleled service.


Q: How many miles can a driver expect to get per week?

Miles will vary but our top drivers put in between 3000-3200 miles per week.

Q: How many years of experience is required?

We require 2 years driving experience and a clean MVR

Q: How often do our loads drop & hook?

This is a tough question because all customers are different and we are adding new customers daily. However, it is safe to assume that 25-50% of the loads will be drop & hook and this will depend on hours available to drive, how well drivers follow directions, what lanes the driver is running, etc

Q: What are the trucks governed at?

Each year this will vary depending on how well our fleet does on their overall MPG. Currently our trucks are governed between 70 and 75 MPH.

Q: What lanes do we run?

Currently we run AZ, NM and TX only. However, as we continue to grow our fleet, we will expand our coverage area to better serve our customers.

Q: How much home time do our drivers get?

Since we only run AZ, NM and TX, drivers are home weekly.

Q: How much do drivers make?

While we are always to improve our safety, fuel economy and driver pay structure, currently our drivers are starting at $0.40 per mile.


Q: What are our pay terms?

We currently are net 30

Q: Do we offer quick pay?

Yes, we do offer quick pay and it is a 3.5% fee. We do require all paperwork and we will need to confirm with the receiver that they received the product and there were no damages or shorts.

Q: Do we offer year around freight?

Absolutely! Please call the office and speak to one of our specialists who will gladly answer your questions to lanes, rates, volume, etc.

Q: Do we require driver communication?

Absolutely! However, we do also require the use of Macropoint on all drivers so that we can minimize communication between us and the driver, allowing the driver to driver and not have to answer endless calls from dispatcher in the office.

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